Executive Director

Ross McMonies – 406-370-5050 – info@missoulastrikers.com


Ross McMonies is a UEFA B licensed coach that brings with him a lifetime of soccer experience.  Ross started playing soccer in Germany at the age of four and continued his development in the game, until reaching the heights of semi-professional soccer in the UK and even playing in the FA Cup.  Like many of the kids in our program, throughout his youth, Ross was constantly competing against his older brother for the limelight.  This is one of the things that Ross contributes to his success in the game.  Another thing Ross likes to talk about is simply the amount of time he spent with a ball at his feet.  Ross did not leave his house unless he, or his friends, had a soccer ball.  Ross has been coached by some fantastic coaches throughout his years as a player but his number one teacher was the ball itself.


When Ross was just 16 years of age he had a difficult decision to make.  He could either pursue his dream of a professional contract, with a financially struggling Hull City AFC, or continue with his education at East Durham College.  The latter required him to move away from home, but this was a decision that was made easier as East Durham College was host to its very own soccer academy.  Opting to pursue both his education and soccer, Ross spent three years being coached by some of the best coaches in the business including, ex-women’s national team captain and hall of fame great, Gill Coultard.  Along with Gill, Ross also received instruction from former women’s national team coach Ted Copeland, who lead England to a World Cup Quarter Final in 1995.


It was after college that Ross started to show an interest in coaching.  Ross has been so submerged in soccer his whole life that he doesn’t really have an interest in doing anything but.  Soccer is his passion and that passion is on full display when you watch him coach.  Ross would likely describe himself as quite a quiet character, but he comes alive in a soccer environment.  Considering his actual home is across the Atlantic, it is lucky for us that Ross feels completely at home when surrounded by soccer.