Tryouts will take place in November for the formation of our spring competitive teams.  If you are new to town and looking for a place to play soccer please email us at and we will do our best to get you involved.


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Missoula strikers – Competitive tryouts

Oct 30th, Nov 1st, Nov 2nd, Nov 3rd, 2017

Birth Year: 2006 – 2004 Monday, Oct 30th & Wednesday Nov 1st
Birth Year: 2003 – 1999 Thursday, Nov 2nd & Friday Nov 3rd
Time: 4:00-6:00 PM @ Fort Missoula Regional Park soccer fields. (Check in will begin at 3:30 pm)
Registration Deadline: Oct 27th – $25 late fee


Find the links below to register as well as information about the club’s program.

MYSA Registration Link –
(If previously registered for a competitive team this fall you would have already completed this part of the process.  This non-refundable $35 fee covers all players with state soccer insurance.  This must be paid in order to tryout.)

Competitive Tryout Link –
(This is a $50 non-refundable deposit that goes towards your Strikers Program Fees should you be placed on a team).

Competitive Philosophy:

Missoula Strikers is focused on establishing a competitive culture throughout the club. However, we want to build an environment where success is not measured by winning teams but by player development and growth in the game. Of course we want all of our teams to win games but our emphasis is on playing the right way and not a win-at-all-costs mentality.  Winning is an important factor in player development, it raises confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief but as a club we also understand that there are more important aspects to consider. Not only do our coaches strive to enhance a player’s ability on the field but also nurture their character off it. Our coaches realize that they can become an integral part of a young person’s life, it is important to the club’s philosophy that our players, coaches and parents showcase good sportsmanship and respect at all times.  Our primary focus is to develop decent human-beings, and soccer is just a part of that journey.

In the process of our team formations we strive to form the most competitive teams possible, given the numbers of players and coaches available.  In the case where there are enough players to form two teams, players will be selected based upon several deciding factors with which they are evaluated.  Such factors may include but are not limited to: technical skill, vision, knowledge, athleticism, and coachability.  It’s important to understand that, as the Executive Director of the club, it is my goal to build a unified club philosophy and identity that stretches across both Premier and Select teams.  We are committed to providing a fun and challenging training and playing environment for all Premier and Select players so that players on all teams can develop to their full potential.
– Strikers Club Director, Ross McMonies

Some important things to know:

*There are NO “cuts” at the 2006 birth year age level

*We also try to make as few “cuts” as possible at throughout the 2003-1999 age levels, but in some cases they cannot be avoided

*Our aim is to form both Premier and Select level teams, providing all players an appropriate playing and learning environment

*We encourage player movement between teams, we welcome the competition
This includes movement between Premier and Select and between age groups.

*From the 2003-1999 age levels we aim to make the most competitive teams possible, which may mean a combination of age groups

*Important:  All players are required to tryout with their rightful birth year unless previously cleared by director.

*Important:   If a player wishes to play in an older age group, they may indicate that to the coaching staff.  The club Director will consult with the coaching staff in determining whether to grant any such request based on evaluations and recommendations of such player.  However, please note that all play-up determinations will be made by the club Director and not by coaches or other parties.

*A player’s grade level in school does not have any implication as to what age group they play with.  We follow the new US Soccer birth year mandated guidelines, and if a player wishes to play up they must receive permission from the club Director.

Competitive Information:
Strikers is roughly an 18 week spring program which involves 3-4 training sessions per week, league games (with other teams from Montana), and other tournament opportunities. Tryouts begin the first week of November, with additional winter training sessions being held throughout the winter months.  Outdoor training typically begins in March, weather dependent.

Cost:  (Please note: Missoula Strikers offers Financial Assistance should families need support)
Montana Youth Soccer Association Registration Fee – $35 (This covers each player’s state insurance)
Non-refundable Competitive Tryout Fee – $50 (This is a $50 non-refundable deposit that goes towards your Strikers Program Fees should you be placed on a team – add $25 if not registered for tryouts by October 27th)Strikers Program Fee – $395 ($50 of this is covered by the Competitive Tryout Fee and an additional $50 of this fee will be required before January 1st in order to secure your child’s spot for the spring)
Team Fee – Varies – $300 – $400 (depending on tournaments the team signs up for)
Everyone pays Registration and Team Fees (regardless of whether they are missing a weekend or not)
Team fees include hotel, gas, and food costs for the coaches, as well as tournament registration fees, game balls, and ref clinics for two people.

Other Expenses:
Your own travel expenses including hotel, gas, food, etc.
Many families carpool, share rooms, etc. to save money
Uniform costs – The club will have new uniforms this spring.  Costs will be announced when finalized. (Anticipate around $80 for two jerseys)
You must order this as an individual once your child has made the team
You will be provided with instruction and a club link in order to make a purchase
Optional – warm-ups, bags, and other apparel
Jerseys will be operational on a three-year cycle

Items for all teams to know:
Each team needs a team manager and two certified referees to represent the team.
Team Manager – A manager meeting will be scheduled by the club Registrar
You will get a team manager’s book, but essentially you are responsible for:
Team communication
Collecting money
Registration and paying for tournaments
Checking in teams for tournaments
Paying the coaches for hotel, gas, food, etc.
Hotel block bookings

Two Assigned Refs – Every competitive team needs two volunteers to go through a referee training and be certified.  (The cost of this is covered by each individual team)
This is state mandated, and the team is fined if they don’t do this
Strikers pays for volunteers to become certified referees
Once assigned games, referees are paid

Training Times and Location:
Training/practice sessions are at the discretion of your coach.  Sessions will be held after school 3-4 times per week.

League Games:
League games will be scheduled on Saturdays, against other competitive teams in Montana.  Players will need to travel in order to participate in these games.  League games are scheduled by the state association in conjunction with the Strikers office.

Tournaments are set at the beginning of the season by the coach and the club Director.  Each team (at the coaches meeting with parents) decides what tournaments they would like to participate in.  The cost of these tournaments will be included in the Team Fees, and the team manager will let you know the individual cost.  Other tournaments can be added later in the season if deemed necessary at the discretion of the coach, but approved by the parents but will be an extra cost.

All competitive players are required to have two jerseys, black shorts, and two sets of socks.  These are purchased through and you will be provided with that information once you child is placed on a team.
Additional equipment needed include shin guards and cleats.  (This equipment can be purchased at most sports stores in Missoula.  Optional equipment available for purchase could include warm-ups, bags, and other apparel.

Competitive coaches will be selected by the club Director.  All coaches will receive training from the club Director.  Competitive coaches are required to obtain their “E” license if they do not already obtain one. All coaches will also have a full background check and be registered with the state.
Strikers pays for coaches to pursue US Soccer Licenses
Strikers pays all cost of coach registration and background check

Practice format is set by the coach
Still a large emphasis on technical development
There will be an additional emphasis on tactics
Players practice with the same team for the duration of the season, but may be invited to practice with other Strikers teams from time to time in addition.

Be Responsible – Be on time to games with all proper gear
Be Safe – Players need to be in control of their bodies.  Coaches will talk to players if they are out of control and not going for the ball)
Be Respectful – Show sportsmanship for other players, coaches, and referees
(Parents – please represent our club and town by also being good sports)
(Please don’t yell at referees)
Support your children – Cheer them on, tell them good job
Let the Coaches coach – It confuses children if parents are also coaching from the sidelines.
(Be their biggest fan, but let the coaches coach)