Our Micro Strikers program is for all kids’ ages 5-12 who want to be active, have fun, and learn about soccer.

We emphasize games with small teams and free-flowing play.  Teaching and learning focuses on basic soccer skills at age-appropriate levels.  Playing small-sided soccer is the best way for kids to learn basic dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.  Kids get more time with the ball in practice and games.  Every kid is important in small-sided Micro Striker games.  They all get the opportunity to score, to defend and to be a vital part of a team. Micro Striker players are coached by volunteers, and each coach has access to our coaching training sessions.

Games are played each Sunday. Fall season begins Sunday, September 9th and ends Sunday, October 14th.

Practice locations will vary depending on what area of town you live in or where you go to school (first come first serve).  The number and length of practices depends on the age of child: Younger children may practice once a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Older children may practice for an hour two times a week.

Click HERE to register for Fall Micro Strikers.