Micro General Info


Our Micro Strikers program is for all kids’ aged 5-12 years who want to be active, have fun, and learn about soccer.

2018 Fall Season September 9th to October 14th!!


  • To register for Micro Strikers click HERE
  • Registration fee is $85 for your first child and $75 for your second child.
  • $10 non-refundable if canceled before teams are formed at start of season, September 9.
  • After program start date all $85 is non-refundable.
  • Payment must be received before being placed on a team.


  • Registrations received by August 19 are discounted $25.
  • Registrations received between August 20-September 2 are discounted $15.

2018 Fall Strikers Academy Participants

  • To register for Micro Strikers as an academy participant click HERE 
  • $10 per player
  • Sibling discount does not apply
  • Non-refundable if registration cancelled after September 9th

Team Formation Procedures:

Micro Strikers staff will always try to meet player’s preferences and special requests for those who file registrations prior to the deadline dates – however, there “are no guarantees at any time”. Coaches do not form their own teams and coaches have no authority to promise any child a place on his or her team. Space may be limited by a variety of factors such as, but not exclusive to, team size, availability of coaches, etc. If you sign up before the registration deadline, every effort will be made to honor your request, but again there are no guarantees. Players who register after the deadline will be placed on space available basis or on a wait list if the age group is full. Roster limits will be adhered to in order to maximize each child’s participation. Increasing the set roster limits for any team requires special permission from the Micro Strikers Director. Teams are assembled by gender and age. Players are then grouped by school, and special request (coach, friend, etc.) as long as they have registered prior to the deadline. Players are then added to a team until the proper roster size has been met. Every effort will be made to assign a child to a team located close to their home or school, and areas outside of the city of Missoula need to specify closest practice area (please be specific). Only Micro Strikers staff members can assign a player to a team.

Game Day:

Games are played each Sunday. Spring season starts September 9th and ends October 14th.

We emphasize games with small teams and free-flowing play.  Teaching and learning focuses on basic soccer skills at age-appropriate levels.  Playing small-sided soccer is the best way for kids to learn basic dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.  Kids get more time with the ball in practice and games.  Every kid is important in small-sided Micro Striker games.  They all get the opportunity to score, to defend and to be a vital part of a team. Micro Striker players are coached by volunteers, and each coach has access to our coaching training sessions.


Players must wear a Microstrikers jersey and shin guards covered by socks. Micro players (new or old) will require a red jersey and a white jersey. If you are new to the program you will need to purchase the complete jersey set $20.

Selection of Coaches & Practice Locations:

The success of the Micro Strikers program depends on volunteer coaches for the teams. No experience is required; however we do encourage coaches to attend our age appropriate clinic held at the beginning of the season. Practice locations will vary depending on what area of town you live in or where you go to school (first come first serve).  Micro Strikers staff have no control over where or when our volunteer coaches chose to practice.

The number and length of practices depends on the age of child: Younger children may practice once a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Older children may practice for an hour two times a week.

Level of Commitment:

It is important that your child attend practices and games. One missing player makes a big difference in both individual and team development.

Picture Day:

Picture day is currently scheduled for TBD.  Picture forms will be handed out to coaches who will then distribute them to their teams. Photo Day schedule is TBD.