NEW Strikers Academy PDTs

What is the Premier Development Team?

The Premier Development Team (PDT) is going to be a group that will consist mostly of the most experienced and skilled players in the oldest age group. These players will train together more or less consistently throughout the course of the season. The opening weeks of the Academy will be more or less typical. The players will be divided principally by age groups. After a couple of weeks of evaluations, the players will be placed into groups based more on skill, and need for a certain type of instruction.

The players that are selected for the PDT will be selected based on the following criteria:
Technical skill in passing, receiving, dribbling
Desire to get better
Knowledge of the game and a demonstration that they are ready for the next level of instruction.
Work ethic

It is important to note that this team will not be static. If a player is not training with the PDT and they show that they are ready for the challenge, they will be moved over. Likewise, if a player is with the PDT and show that they are not quite ready skill-wise or don’t have the proper attitude, they will be moved to another training group as well.

The majority of the Academy will run as usual. The younger groups will not feel any effect from the PDT. It is simply that the oldest age group will be formed into a few training groups where the players in those groups will travel to tournaments together as much as is possible. As long as we have enough players that want to travel to the tournaments from each of those training groups, those groups will stay together as a team. This is different from the past when we moved players all over the place with different coaches. After the original two-week evaluation period, players will be pretty much with the same teammates and coaches throughout the season. That being said, if a player shows effort, a great attitude, and the proper willingness to work, they can be rewarded for their effort.